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International Journal Publications

Babic J, Hale JG, Oztop E (in press) Human sensorimotor learning for humanoid robot skill synthesis. Adaptive Behavior

Ugur E, Oztop E, Sahin E (2011) Goal emulation and planning in perceptual space using learned affordances. Robotics and Autonomous Systems 59, 580-595 PDF

Oztop E (2009) Sign Representation of Boolean Functions Using a Small Number of Monomials. Neural Networks 22: 938-948 Link

Chaminade T, Oztop E, Gordon C, Kawato M (2008) From Self-Observation to Imitation: Visuomotor Association on a Robotic Hand. Brain Research Bulletin 75(6): 775-84 PDF

Oztop E (2006) An upper bound on the minimum number of monomials required to separate dichotomies of  {-1,1}n . Neural Computation 18: 3119-3138 PDF

Oztop E, Kawato M, Arbib M (2006) Mirror Neurons and Imitation: A Computationally Guided Review. Neural Networks 19: 254-271 PDF

Oztop E, Imamizu H, Cheng G, Kawato M (2006)   A Computational Model of Anterior Intraparietal (AIP) Neurons . Neurocomputing 69: 1354-1361 PDF

Oztop E, Franklin DW, Chaminade T, Cheng G (2005) Human-Humanoid Interaction: Is a Humanoid Robot Perceived as a Human? International Journal of Humanoid Robotics 2:(4) 537-559 PDF

Oztop E, Wolpert D, Kawato M (2005) Mental state inference using visual control parameters. Cogn Brain Res 22: 129-151 PDF

Oztop. E, Bradley N.S., Arbib M.A. (2004) Infant grasp learning: a computational model, Exp Brain Res. 158:480-503 PDF

Oztop E., Arbib M.A. (2002) Schema Design and Implementation of the Grasp-Related Mirror Neuron System. Biological Cybernetics 87: (2) 116-140 PDF

Arbib MA, Billard A, Iacoboni M, Oztop E. (2000) Synthetic Brain Imaging: Grasping, Mirror Neurons and Imitation. Neural Networks 13: (8-9) 975-997 PDF

Oztop E, Mulayim AY, Atalay V, Yarman-Vural F. (1999) Repulsive attractive network for baseline extraction on document images. Signal Processing 75 (1) 1-10 PDF

Invited Book Chapters

Oztop E, Kawato M (2009) Models For The Control of Grasping In: Nowak D, Hermsdoerfer J (eds) Sensorimotor Control of Grasping: Physiology and Pathophysiology. Cambridge University Press

Oztop E, Babic J, Hale J, Cheng G, Kawato M (2008) From Biologically Realistic Imitation to Robot Teaching Via Human Motor Learning In:   Ishikawa M,  Doya K, Miyamoto H, Yamakawa T (eds.) Neural Information Processing, vol. 4985, LNCS,  Springer, Heidelberg

Oztop E (2009) Mirror Neurons: Extraordinary or Ordinary? In: Minett JW, Wang W (eds) Language, Evolution, and the Brain. City University of Hong Kong Press

Oztop E (2007) Models of Mirror System. In: Gewaltig MO (ed) Scholarpedia (peer reviewed online encyclopedia  of computational neuroscience),  p.20649  Link

Oztop E, Arbib M, Bradley N (2006) The Development of Grasping and the Mirror System. In: Arbib M (ed)
Action to Language via the Mirror Neuron System. Cambridge University Press. AmazonLink

Crowley M, Marmol S, Oztop E. (2002) Crowley-Arbib Saccade Model. Chapter in The Neural Simulation Language, MIT Press, MA  AmazonLink

Domestic Journal Articles and Theses

Oztop E, Kawato M (2005) Conceptual and Computational Models of Mirror Neurons. The Brain & Neural Networks (Journal of Japanese Neural Network Society) 12: 61-73

Arbib MA, Oztop E, Zukow-Goldring P (2005) Language and the Mirror System: A Perception/Action Based Approach to Communicative Development.Cogniţie, Creier, Comportament / Cognition, Brain, Behavior  vol. IX(3)  239-272  PDF

Oztop E (2002) Modeling the Mirror: Grasp Learning and Action Recognition. Ph.D. thesis, University of Southern California PDF , HTML

Oztop E (1996) A New Content Addressable Memory Utilizing High Order Neurons. Master thesis, Middle East Technical University, Turkiye

Invited Talks at International Workshop and Conferences

Oztop E (2010.5) Can we learn from biology about object representation for grasping and manipulation? Workshop on Representations for object grasping and manipulation, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Anchorage, Alaska, USA

Oztop E (2009.9) Human Visuomotor Learning for Robot Skill Synthesis. First IEEE Workshop on Computer Vision for Humanoid Robots in Real Environments, IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision, Kyoto, Japan

Oztop E, Hale J, Babic J, Kawato M (2008.9) Robots as complex tools for humans to control: Human visuo-motor learning for robot skill synthesis. Workshop on Grasp and Task Learning by Imitation, International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, Nice, France

Oztop E (2007.4) Modeling Mirror Neurons. International Seminar on Language, Evolution, and the Brain, International Institute for Advanced Studies, Kyoto, Japan

Oztop E, Babic J, Hale J, Cheng G, Kawato M (2007.11) From Biologically Realistic Imitation to Robot Teaching via Human Motor Learning. In: 14th International Conference on Neural Information Processing, Kitakyushi, Japan

Oztop E. (2004.9) Modeling the Mirror Neurons. IROS, International Workshop on Robotic Imitation, Sendai, Japan

International Peer Reviewed Conference Papers (selected)

Steffen J, Oztop E, Ritter H (2010.10) Structured Unsupervised Kernel Regression for Closed-loop Motion Control, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Proc., Taipei, Taiwan

Moore B, Oztop E (2010.8) Redundancy parameterization for flexible motion control, ASME IDETC 2010, Montreal, Canada

Ugur E, Sahin E, Oztop E (2009.11) Affordance learning from range data for multistep planning. International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics: Modeling Cognitive Development in Robotic Systems, Proc., Venice, Italy

Oztop E, Lin LH, Kawato M, Cheng G (2007.4) Extensive Human Training for Robot Skill Synthesis: Validation on a Robotic Hand. In: IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Roma, Italy

Oztop E,  Lin LH, Kawato M, Cheng G (2006.12) Dexterous Skills Transfer by Extending Human Body Schema to a Robotic Hand. IEEE-RAS/RSJ International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Proc., Genova, Italy

Gumpp T, Azad P, Welke K, Oztop E, Dillmann R, Cheng G (2006.12)  Unconstrained Real-time Markerless Hand Tracking for Humanoid Interaction. IEEE-RAS/RSJ International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Proc., Genova, Italy

Welke K, Oztop E, Ude A, Dillmann R, Cheng G (2006.12)   Learning feature representations for an object recognition system. IEEE-RAS/RSJ International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Proc., Genova, Italy

Oztop E,  Chaminade T, Cheng G, Kawato M (2005.12) Imitation Bootstrapping: Experiments on a Robotic Hand IEEE-RAS/RSJ International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Proc., Tsukuba, Japan

Oztop E,  Imamizu H, Cheng G, Kawato M (2005.7) A Computaional Model of Anterior Intraparietal (AIP) Neurons
14th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting, Madison, Wisconsin, USA     

Oztop E, Franklin D, Chaminade T (2004.11) Human-Humanoid Interaction: Is a humanoid robot perceived as human?
IEEE-RAS/RSJ International Conference on Humanoid Robots, Proc., Santa Monica, California, USA

Oztop E, Wolpert D, Kawato M (2003) Mirror neurons: key for mental simulation?
Proceedings of Computational Neuroscience Meeting, Alicante, Spain

Other Articles and Poster Presentations (selected)

Erhan Oztop, Gordon Cheng, Hiroshi Imamizu, Mitsuo Kawato (2008.7) Mirror Neurons: Do we really know their function?  The 31st Annual Meeting of the Japan Neuroscience Society, Tokyo.

藤本一郎, 島田育廣, 木村真弘, 神谷之康, Erhan Oztop, Alexander Harner, 村瀬研也 (2007.4) 非侵襲BMI のためのreal-time f-MRI システムの構築, 第63 回日本放射線技術学会総合学術大会

Kimura M, Imamizu H, Shimada Y, Oztop E, Harner A, Kamitani Y (2007.2) Online fMRI decoding ~ Reading Janken gesture from brain activity ~, 第2 回電子情報通信学会ブレインインターフェイス研究会

木村真弘, 今水寛, 島田育廣, 中村貴志, Erhan Oztop, 神谷之康 (2006.1) Real time fMRI Decoding, Mechanisms of Brain and Mind, 6th Winter Workshop

Oztop E, Imamizu H, Cheng G, Kawato M (2005.1) Emergent Grasp Affordance Encoding via Grasp Learning. Mechanisms of Brain and Mind, 5th Winter Workshop

Oztop E., Arbib M.A. (2001) Mirror neuron system for grasping: a model for the monkey, In Society for Neuroscience 31st. Annual Meeting Abstracts (27) 58.6